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Our Mission

Improving lives through advanced fitness coaching and individualized training in an environment conducive to building confidence and commitment.

Image by Ales Krivec

Our Story

Deanna Nelson opened Topo Fitness in 2018 out of a desire to help rural community members use strength and fitness training as a way to attack chronic disease, illness, and depression. We train to improve our overall well-being and enjoy the things we love doing.


At Topo Fitness, we say "Can't Never Could" and we teach beginners that they "CAN". There is an athlete hidden in each of us. We also recognize that you need to listen to your body. Have a shoulder twinge from the previous workout? No problem, a coach will provide a modified exercise for you. Didn't sleep well last night? That's okay, we want you to just show up and give it your best. We want you to build the habit so you can take your fitness with you.

Topo Fitness isn't like other gyms. Although you will experience one-on-one, small group, or large group workouts that will build your strength, cardio capacity, mobility, and balance, the community that surrounds you will keep you coming back. Expect high-fives and encouragement from your fellow athletes to get you through the workout of the day. You'll find your accountability buddy in no time.

Come for the workout. Stay for the community.

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