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Re-Lyte® Hydration, 30 servings, 195 grams

Re-Lyte® Hydration, 30 servings, 195 grams


Unflavored Re-Lyte Hydration has all the electrolytes your body needs to fend off fasting headaches or the keto flu— and with zero calories, it won’t break your fast. Mix it with cold water and drink up, so you feel energized and awesome during your next intermittent or multi-day fast.


Designed to support any and every lifestyle, this sugar-free blend of Redmond Real Salt and essential electrolytes contains everything you need to hydrate better, so you feel better.

Zero calories - Mixes easily - Optimal electrolyte ratio -Delicious


Sodium 810mg

Potassium 400mg

Chloride 1280mg

Calcium 60mg

Magnesium 50mg

Coconut Water Powder 80mg

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