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What We Do

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New? Don't sweat it (pun intended).

What is functional fitness, anyway? Put simply, it's exercise that prepares you for every day life - from hauling in your groceries on one arm (who makes multiple trips?), to lifting your son or daughter overhead while they laugh, or moving a heavy bale of hay in the winter (this is Montana, after all).

A group of people doing a side plank during an exercise class.


At Topo Fitness, we exercise to improve our physical and mental health so we can enjoy what we love doing. You'll feel the benefits in mobility, balance, strength, and personal accomplishment. The workout of the day (WOD) is designed to challenge you. But don't worry, every exercise is scalable to your abilities. A Topo Fitness coach will help you with technique during personal training or class sessions.

A lady hiking with a river behind her. She is smiling.


Topo Fitness is an open, friendly, and non-judgmental community comprised of all ages and abilities. Your fellow classmates will become your accountability partners and biggest cheerleaders. You'll leave workouts with high-fives, smiles, and sweat.

Three friends embracing after a workout.
Fitness Group
The hardest part is getting started.

Still not sure if functional fitness is for you? Book your free 20 minute intro to meet with a coach, tour the facility, and get a feel for the community. See what Topo Fitness can do for you.

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